Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre

Situated just two kilometers north-east of Kota Kinabalu City in Likas (ten minutes from the heart of the city centre) is Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre (KKWC). Formerly known as Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary, this site covers 24 hectares (60 acres) of mangrove forest, and is used primarily as a model wetland centre for the purpose of conservation, education, recreation, tourism and research. KKWC is managed by local NGO, Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society.

A 1.5km boardwalk brings you deep into the mangrove - a unique ecosystem where land meets sea. A 45-minute stroll on the boardwalk is a pleasant experience where you can enjoy fresh air and tranquility, while spotting interesting birds, plants and wildlife.

KK Wetland Centre, designated as a bird sanctuary in 1996, is an important refuge and feeding ground for many species of resident birds as well as migratory species from Northern Asia. Commonly sighted birds include migratory species like the sandpiper, Greenshank, Redshank, egrets and herons as well as canopy birds such as collared kingfisher and stork-billed kingfisher. To date, almost 80 species of birds have been identified at the sanctuary. Other mangrove wildlife that live within KK Wetland Centre include monitor lizards, fiddler crabs, mudskippers, weaver ants, butterflies and other insects, jellyfish, water snakes and mud lobsters.

Things to Do
Apart from self-guided walks, there are a range of activities that can be done at KK Wetland Centre, including guided walks, Environmental Education programmes, bird-watching sessions, and corporate volunteer programmes. Advance notice is required.

Getting There 
Take the No.1 bus towards Likas from the bus stations in front of City Hall or Wawasan Plaza in the City, to Likas Square. At the traffic lights there, turn right towards Signal Hill until you get to the third junction on the left. Return bus fare is RM2.00.

Opening Hours 
Tuesday to Sunday 8.00am till 6.00pm (Closed on Mondays, except when falls on a Public Holiday); Open on all Public Holidays

Admission Fees
  • My-Kad
    RM5.00 (Adult)
    RM3.00 (Student)
  • Others
    RM5.00  (Student)
  • Below 6 years - Free